ESCOSA content iconSouth Australian rail access regime - review of regulator components

  • Project Released: 03 May 2005
  • Project Closes: 27 Oct 2005
  • Contact: Peter Lim


The Commission is undertaking this review of the information kit’s regulator components to ensure that the information kit better reflect recent developments in the administration and design of rail access regimes, and current conditions in the Australian rail sector. The Commission stresses that this review is limited only to the specific components for which the Commission is responsible.


Current status is Final

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  • Final


The Commission has finalised its review of the components of the South Australian rail access regime (covering intra-state railways) for which it has responsibility.

The final decision marks the end of a consultation process in which the Commission considered views put forward by industry participants in submissions to the Commission's issues paper released in May and draft decision released in August.

The Commission has also released a revised information kit which explains the principal features of the access regime and communicates the pricing principles, information brochure requirements and reporting requirements established by the Commission. The revised information kit replaces the information kit dated May 2004, effective immediately.