icon-rail Review of rail guidelines – Tarcoola-Darwin rail and the South Australian rail access regimes

  • Project Released: 15 Dec 2016
  • Project Closes: Jul 2019
  • Contact: Angus Bruce


The Commission is reviewing guidelines relating to the Tarcoola-Darwin rail access regime and the South Australian rail access regime. The review will focus on ensuring that the guidelines are consistent with current market conditions and streamlined where possible.


Current status is Draft

  • Initiate
  • Submissions
  • Draft
  • Submissions
  • Final


The Commission’s draft review has not identified the need for major changes to the Tarcoola-Darwin Guidelines or the SA Rail Access Regime Information Kit. The draft amendments are of limited scope and are not expected to materially impact on the operations of the Tarcoola-Darwin Railway or the South Australian railways. The findings of the two reviews follow a period of consultation with stakeholders and consideration of submissions.

The Commission’s draft proposals for the Tarcoola-Darwin Guidelines are to retain guidance on:

  • floor and ceiling price principles, incremental cost, and the financial market rates to be used in rate of return calculations, and
  • regulatory information requirements.

The Commission’s draft proposals for the SA Rail Access Regime Information Kit are to retain existing:

  • pricing principles for calculating floor and ceiling access prices and guidelines for determining a “likely price” for access, and
  • information requirements for the information brochure.

The format for the Tarcoola-Darwin Guidelines and the SA Rail Access Regime Information Kit are planned to be updated in line with the approach used by the Commission in other regulated sectors.

The Commission would be pleased to meet with stakeholders for a briefing upon request and invites written submissions on the Draft Decision by 17 May 2019.

The Commission intends to release a Final Decision with Final Guidelines in July 2019.


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