ESCOSA content iconPorts pricing and access review 2012

  • Project Released: 17 Feb 2012
  • Project Closes: 02 Oct 2012
  • Contact: Nathan Petrus


The Essential Services Commission of South Australia (the Commission) conducted a review into the pricing and access regimes that apply to proclaimed ports in South Australia. The Commission has reviewed whether the ports pricing and access regimes specified in the Maritime Services (Access) Act 2000 should continue beyond 30 October 2012 for a further five-year period.


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The Commission has finalised its 2012 Ports Pricing and Access Review (Review) in accordance with the requirements of the Essential Services Commission Act 2002 (ESC Act) and the Maritime Services (Access) Act 2000 (MSA Act). In conjunction with the Review, the Commission also completed an Inquiry, pursuant to section 34 of the ESC Act, into areas where the ports pricing and access regimes may be generally improved.

The Commission has concluded that the current ports price monitoring regime and third-party access regime should continue beyond 30 October 2012, for at least another 5 years. The Inquiry also found no persuasive arguments for the extension of the access regime's coverage and the introduction of a more intrusive form of ring-fencing arrangement going forward.

The Commission's Final Report on the Review and Inquiry has been developed following a significant public consultation process.

Following its review into the continuation of the South Australian ports pricing and access regimes, the Commission has released a Final Price Determination enabling the existing ports price monitoring arrangements to continue from 31 October 2012 up to and including 30 October 2017. This price determination replaces the 2010 Ports (Variation) Price Determination, which expires on 30 October 2012.