icon-gas Variation to gas retail licence– Elgas Limited

  • Project Released: 17 Dec 2018
  • Project Closes: Apr 2019
  • Contact: Rebecca Millwood


Elgas Limited has applied for a variation to its gas retail licence to provide reticulated LPG to the new Glenlea Estate development, located at Mount Barker. Elgas Limited is also seeking to clarify the current reticulation supply to the Bluestone Estate.


Current status is Initiate

  • Initiate
  • Submissions
  • Final


Elgas Limited’s current gas retail licence authorises the retail of liquefied petroleum gas in Mt Barker (Bluestone Estate), Clare (Hanlins Rise Estate) and Point Boston Estate (near Port Lincoln) via a licensed distribution system used by Elgas Limited to carry on business of transporting liquefied petroleum gas at these specified locations. Elgas Limited is seeking to provide reticulated LPG to the new Glenlea Estate development, located at Mount Barker.

In assessing a variation application, the Commission considers the relevant licensing provisions set out in the Gas Act 1997. It will also have regard to its primary objective under the Essential Services Commission Act 2002, being the protection of the long term interests of South Australian consumers with respect to the price, quality and reliability of essential services and other factors as they apply to the Commission's role as the economic regulator of the South Australian gas industry. 

In making its assessment, the Commission considers advice from the Office of the Technical Regulator. Matters related to health and environment protection are regulated under separate legislative frameworks and can only be considered by the Commission in context of the above mentioned criteria.

Elgas Limited’s variation application is subject to a public consultation period closing on 18 January 2019. The Commission welcomes submissions on any matters relevant to the application. 



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