icon-electricity Wind generation licensing 2010

  • Project Released: 23 Dec 2008
  • Project Closes: 03 May 2010
  • Contact: Margaret Cross


The Commission has reviewed its licensing requirements for wind generators, set out in the 2005 statement of principles for wind generation licensing, in light of the large amount of wind generation now connected to the South Australian power system, changes made to the national electricity rules and associated technical standards to better accommodate wind generation and continued high levels of interest in developing new wind generation projects in South Australia.


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The Commission has completed its review of South Australian wind generation licensing arrangements. The review was conducted against the background of unprecedented amounts of wind–powered electricity generation being added to the South Australian power system or being planned for future addition.

The Commission’s present review has assessed special licence conditions in the context of recent national developments to better incorporate wind generation into the national electricity market, together with the scale of current and proposed wind generation projects in South Australia. The Commission has concluded that a measured and cautious approach to licensing wind generators in South Australia remains appropriate.

While some special licence conditions have been substantially removed for plant which is classified in the new category of “semi-scheduled”, the Commission has concluded that it remains appropriate to retain the special licence conditions relating to technical standards for reactive power and fault ride through. These conditions have, however, been amended to provide greater consistency with the national electricity rules, and to reflect advice received from the Australian energy market operator.