ESCOSA content icon Strategic direction consultation 2017

  • Project Released: 6 Oct 2017
  • Project Closes: Sep 2018
  • Contact: Linda South


The Commission continues to have a focus on improving the way we deliver regulation to protect the long-term interest of South Australian consumers. 

A strategic direction – consultation paper has been released, and stakeholder views were sought on what matters to consumers, providers and potential providers of essential services.

These views will help inform the Commission's strategic direction and its Strategic Plan 2018-2021. 



Current status is Final

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The Commission received three written submissions in response to the recent public consultation on its Strategic Direction for 2018-2021. Those submissions, from SA Water,  Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, and Clean Energy Council are available below.

The submissions note the importance of genuine customer engagement in regulatory processes and the accountabilities of both businesses and the Commission in that regard. They encourage the further development of an integrated, systems-based long-term view in the regulation of essential services by the Commission. and the importance of customer protections. They also acknowledge the importance of using collaborative regulatory approaches and the role of the Commission in maintaining the necessary challenge to regulated businesses to improve efficiency and service delivery quality over time. 

The Commission has released its Strategy 2018-2021.