SA Water Regulatory Determination 2020 - final determination - Archived

11 Jun 2020


The Commission has released the final Regulatory Determination to apply to SA Water for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2024 (SAW RD20).

The Determination establishes reductions to the total revenue that SA Water may recover during the four-year period commencing 1 July 2020, of 16 percent ($494 million) and 4 percent ($54 million) for drinking water and sewerage retail services respectively, as compared to the amounts determined for the current four-year period (2016-2020).

On the Commission’s analysis, the revenue outcomes will provide SA Water with sufficient revenue to fund efficient operations, finance prudent investments on a long-term basis and meet the health, safety, environmental and customer service standards that will apply to SA Water over the coming four years.

The Final Determination is consistent with the expectation that SA Water should deliver drinking water and sewerage retail services at the quality and reliability levels that customers value for the lowest sustainable long-term cost to them. It passes through to customers the benefits of the lower financing costs that SA Water currently faces, while allowing for a 28 percent increase in capital expenditure and two percent increase in operating expenditure, compared to those incorporated into the current regulatory determination.

While acknowledging the business and operational transformations achieved by SA Water for its customers over the past four years, the reductions are consistent with stakeholders‘ submissions that some of the expenditure proposed by SA Water was neither justified nor consistent with customers’ priority that prices should be kept as low as possible while at least maintaining current levels of service. 

The Determination also takes account of the State Government’s reduction in the value of SA Water’s regulated asset base for drinking water assets from $7.77 to $7.25 billion (at July 1, 2013, in December 2012 dollars). 

The Commission is aware that the determination has been made at a time when there is uncertainty about the extent to which the COVID-19 pandemic may impact SA Water’s costs. The determination has taken potential COVID-19 impacts into consideration in determining SA Water’s regulatory rate of return (by assuming a longer-term return to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s two to three percent inflation target band) and includes a mechanism to accommodate any material new COVID-19 costs in the 2024-2028 regulatory period.

The Final Determination builds on the positive outcomes achieved in previous regulatory periods and is expected to deliver and enable further consumer benefits, encouraging SA Water to find and deliver strong customer service, asset management, planning and public accountability outcomes, resulting in additional efficiencies for customers over the coming four years and beyond.

The Commission acknowledges the strong stakeholder engagement and inputs received through the SAW RD20 process, which have added tremendous value to the outcomes of the regulatory determination. The Commission thanks those who made public and stakeholder submissions during the review process, all of which were carefully considered and have provided valuable information and insights.



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