SA Water Regulatory Determination 2024 – framework and approach - final decision

16 Sep 2021

The Commission has released the Framework and Approach for the SA Water Regulatory Determination 2024 (SAWRD24).

The Framework and Approach is a governance paper, which sets out broad expectations and process considerations. Its intent is to assist SA Water to prepare and submit a Regulatory Business Proposal which, under the highest and widest levels of public scrutiny, clearly demonstrates how its proposed investments and revenue requirements will protect consumers’ long-term interests and meet regulatory requirements and expectations. 

The Framework and Approach sets the following expectations:

  • A continued focus on early and transparent stakeholder and consumer engagement by all parties throughout the process
  • SA Water should provide continuous and early visibility of its long-term asset planning, delivery and management, to provide stakeholders with better information on its long-term investment plans (and hence revenue requirements), and
  • SA Water should clearly and transparently explain how its proposed investments over the four-year regulatory period are prudent and efficient, and how they relate to and impact on its long-term investment plans.

SA Water’s Regulatory Business Proposal is to be submitted by July 2023. This will allow the Commission to release a Draft Determination by November 2023 and, following a period of public consultation, a Final Determination by May 2024.

The Framework and Approach has been informed by stakeholder feedback, including members of the Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee, members of the previous Consumer Negotiation Committee, members of SA Water’s Consumer Advisory Groups, Government representatives and SA Water staff and management.

The Commission is grateful for the engagement and involvement of participants to date, and looks forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders throughout the review process.

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