SA Water Regulatory Determination 2020: Appointments made to the Customer Negotiation Committee and Guidance Papers released

01 Nov 2018

The Commission has appointed the members of the Customer Negotiation Committee, who will reflect customers’ interests in a Negotiation Forum with SA Water as it develops its draft business plan to apply from 1 July 2020.

John Hill, a former Commissioner of the Essential Services Commission and former deputy Under Treasurer of the South Australian Government, is the Chairperson of the Customer Negotiation Committee. Mr Hill will lead the three-person committee, also comprising Mr Mark Henley and Ms Meg Clarke, that will thoroughly test SA Water’s draft service level and expenditure proposals prior to the Commission’s determination. Further details on the members of the Customer Negotiation Committee are available at

The Commission has also released a suite of Guidance Papers setting out its initial guidance on matters of methodology and process for determining SA Water’s maximum revenues and customer service standards to apply from 1 July 2020 (SAW RD20). That initial guidance is intended to inform the review, and the positions put may change during the review based on stakeholder feedback, SA Water’s engagement with its customers and the outcomes of the Negotiation Forum.

Submissions on any of the Guidance Papers are welcome at any time.

The Guidance Papers must be taken into account by SA Water as it develops its business plans to apply from 2020, and they challenge SA Water to:

  • provide water and sewerage services at the lowest sustainable price for the quality and reliability levels valued by customers, and
  • have in place sound long-term asset management, operating and financing strategies, which support the provision of those services for customers of today and tomorrow.

The Guidance Papers are intended to allow stakeholders to focus on issues that will ultimately matter for consumers early in the determination process. They should be read in conjunction with the Framework and Approach paper released in July 2018.

The Commission will continue to engage with stakeholders as it develops its regulatory determination over the next two years. Further details on the opportunities to be involved are available on the SA Water regulatory determination 2020 page.


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