Water retail licence applications – District Council of Peterborough and Lightsview Re-Water Supply Co

03 May 2018

The Commission has received two applications for water retail licences in accordance with the Water Industry Act (Water Act).

The District Council of Peterborough is seeking a licence to provide sewerage service to 1,075 residential and non-residential customers in the township of Peterborough.

Lightsview Re-Water Supply Co Pty Ltd is seeking approval for the transfer of the water retail licence currently held by the Water Utilities Australia Pty Ltd. This licence authorises the operation of water services at Lightsview in the suburb of Northsgate. Specifically the sale and supply of non-potable water services and associated infrastructure. 

These applications are subject to a public consultation period closing on 31 May 2018. Interested parties wishing to provide a submission to the Commission on the application are asked to provide it by the close of business on this date.

A copy of the applications and information on how to make a submission can be accessed below.