2019 Review of the water third party access regime - draft report

19 Mar 2019

The third party access regime for the South Australian water industry provides a framework for third parties to negotiate access to specified water and sewerage infrastructure services provided by SA Water, with the potential for arbitration should negotiations fail. The Commission is the regulator of that access regime and is conducting a review as to whether or not the regime should continue from 1 July 2019 for a further five years.

The Commission has released a draft report setting out its draft finding that the regime should continue from 1 July 2019. 

The draft finding follows a period of public consultation, facilitated by the Commission’s November 2018 consultation paper outlining the regime and its objectives, and the Commission’s planned approach to reviewing whether or not the regime should continue. 

The Commission’s draft finding for the continuation of the regime is based on:

  • the short period of time in which the regime has been in place
  • the low regulatory cost of having the regime in operation, and
  • the fact that the National Competition Council concluded that the regime  meets the criteria to be certified effective and the relevant Commonwealth Minister certified the regime as effective.

The Commission would be pleased to meet with stakeholders for a briefing upon request and invites written submissions on this draft report by 19 April.

The Commission intends to release a final report in June 2019.


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