SA Water Regulatory Determination 2020: progress update

25 Feb 2019

The SA Water Regulatory Determination 2020 (SAW RD20) review process has reached its next stage, with meetings of the Negotiation Forum commencing. Background information on SAWRD20 and its process is set out in the SAWRD20 Framework and Approach

Negotiations begin on SA Water’s draft business plan

The SAW RD20 Negotiation Forum held its first meetings in February 2019, which will continue through to June 2019. 

The Commission has established the Negotiation Forum to ensure that the basis of the draft regulatory business proposal which SA Water submits in October 2019 has been thoroughly scrutinised and tested by a wide range of stakeholders, prior to its consideration by the Commission and the community more generally through an open public consultation process. The Negotiation Forum is comprised of the Customer Negotiation Committee, SA Water Negotiation Team, and an Independent Probity Advisor. 

The purpose of the initial meetings is for SA Water to deliver briefings on its upcoming regulatory business proposal. Negotiations will continue through until June 2019. 

Consumer priorities report released

The Commission has released the SA Consumer Experts Panel Priorities Report.

The SA Consumer Experts Panel includes members of the Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee and SA Water’s Customer Advisory Groups.

The Priorities Report describes key issues that the SA Consumer Experts Panel expects SA Water to consider and respond to as it develops its regulatory business proposal. It also provides guidance to the Customer Negotiation Committee on matters it may want to consider in the Negotiation Forum process. 

South Australian water regulators continue to work together

The South Australian Water Regulators Working Group is continuing to meet to ensure regulatory coordination and consistency. 

The Commission has published the South Australian Water Regulators Working Group Charter which was endorsed in October 2018.

As set out in the Group Charter, members commit to working together to promote the best long-term outcomes for SA Water’s customers and the community. 

Members further commit to communicating openly to ensure a shared understanding of the overall regulatory system that applies to SA Water, the impact of regulation on each other’s priorities and the combined effect of regulation on SA Water and its customers.

Next steps

Negotiations on SA Water’s draft regulatory business proposal form Stage 3 of the SAW RD20 process. 

SA Water will then incorporate and respond to outcomes of negotiations as it finalises its proposal, which is to be submitted in October 2019. 

That proposal will be open for public consideration, scrutiny  and comment. Any comment provided will be a critical input to the Commission’s assessment of SA Water’s proposal.

The Commission will publish a draft decision on the proposal in February 2020 for a further round of public consultation, with a final decision to be made in May 2020. 

SAWRD 2020 timeline of main stages infographic


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