SA Water regulatory determination 2024: Guidance paper 2: Engaging with stakeholders to develop the regulatory business plan

07 Apr 2022

A key element of the regulatory determination process is the development of a Regulatory Business Plan by SA Water, which details its proposed expenditures and service outcomes for the four-year regulatory period. Guidance Paper 1, released in December 2021, sets out the Commission’s expectations for SA Water’s Regulatory Business Plan.

Guidance Paper 2 sets out the Commission’s expectations for how SA Water will engage with stakeholders to develop its Regulatory Business Plan for SA Water Regulatory Determination 2024. SA Water is expected to demonstrate, with robust evidence in the Regulatory Business Plan, that:

  • it has engaged in a meaningful and substantial way with an appropriately diverse range of stakeholders
  • it has used an appropriately diverse range of channels and methods to engage with stakeholders, and
  • stakeholder views and feedback have been carefully considered and incorporated into project design and prioritisation.

Feedback from stakeholders on any of these matters is welcome at any time.