Ports pricing and access review 2022 - submissions received

Six written submissions from stakeholders have been received in relation to the review of the Ports Pricing and Access Review. The Commission has now published those submissions on its website. 

The Commission intends to undertake a two-stage review. 

  • Stage one will review the access regime, under section 43 of the MS Act, with a view to making a recommendation to the Minister as to whether the regime should continue in operation for a further five-year period. It will also review, under section 6 of the MS Act, the ongoing need for and form of a price determination to be made by the Commission under the ESC Act.
  • Stage two of the process will involve a general review under section 9 of the MS Act, with a view to determining whether or not regulation (or further regulation) is required.

The Commission will consider the information provided by stakeholders as part of the review.


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