Inquiry into regulatory arrangements for small-scale and off-grid water, gas and electricity services - Archived

15 Aug 2016


The Commission is inquiring into appropriate regulatory arrangements to apply in relation to the small-scale water, sewerage, non-national market electricity (off-grid) and reticulated liquid petroleum gas operations which it regulates in South Australia.

The Commission has formed the view that this inquiry is necessary and desirable to ensure that the regulatory frameworks which it applies under industry regulation Acts continue to protect consumers’ long term interests and are proportionate and responsive having regard to developing trends and technologies in the sectors. The inquiry does not extend to a consideration of national market issues, which are being separately reviewed by other bodies.

Written submissions are invited from interested parties by 30 September 2016.

To assist stakeholders in providing comments, the Commission has released an online survey.

The Commission will also be holding forums across the State. This will include a public forum held in Adelaide at the Town Hall Meeting Room on 13 September 2016. Forum times and locations will be available from the Commission’s website.

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