Prepayment meter system code review issues paper

17 Mar 2021

The Commission is undertaking a review of the Prepayment Meter System Code (Code). The Code regulates the operation of prepayment systems by retailers in small-scale and off-grid networks not captured by the National Energy Customer Framework.

The purpose of the Issues Paper is to initiate discussion with, and gain feedback from, stakeholders to identify possible consumer protection issues and opportunities to improve the current requirements.

Prepayment systems have not been offered by energy retailers in South Australia in almost 10 years. However, the Commission expects this to change with recent technological advances in metering and telecommunications making prepayment systems a more viable and cost effective option. 

The Commission welcomes feedback, discussions and meetings with stakeholders on any topic relevant to the Code, along with key areas for consultation identified in the Issues Paper, by Friday, 30 April 2021. The Commission intends to publish a Draft Decision on the Code Review in July and a Final Decision in October.

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