Approval granted for variation of electricity transmission licence – Oz Minerals Prominent Hill Operations

24 Sep 2020

The Commission varied Oz Minerals Prominent Hill Operations Pty Ltd’s electricity transmission licence, to add licence conditions relating to access and accounts and authorising operation of:

  • a 132kV single circuit line extending from the connection point with the ElectraNet owned and operated 132kV line at structure F1881-0491 to the Prominent Hill 132/11-33kV substation located at Prominent Hill
  • the associated 132/11-33kV substation located at Prominent Hill comprising of three 132/11kV 45MVA transformers, two 11/33kV transformers, and reactive power plant comprising of two 11kv 16MVA STATCOMs with associated switchgear and protection systems, and
  • 11kV reticulation to the mine site village.  

The Commission assessed this application against the relevant provisions within the Electricity Act 1996 and the Essential Services Commission Act 2002 and determined that all relevant criteria under those Acts have been satisfied. It has therefore approved the application.

A copy of the licence may be accessed through the project page below.


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