Electricity generation licence variation application – Origin Energy Electricity Limited

29 Jun 2020

The Commission has received a request from Origin Energy Electricity Limited (Origin) to vary its electricity generation licence. Origin wishes to upgrade its generating turbines at the Quarantine Power Station. 

Origin’s current generation licence includes the operation of the Quarantine Power Station, specifically four turbines with a capacity of 20.4MW each. Origin wishes to replace these turbines. This is the second stage of a three-stage replacement program. The result of this upgrade will increase the capacity of the Unit 3 turbine from 20.4MW to 29MW.

The variation request submitted by Origin is subject to a public consultation period closing on 27 July 2020. Any persons wishing to provide a submission to the Commission on the variation are asked to provide it by the close of business on this date.

A copy of the request and information on how to make a submission can be accessed below.


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