Electricity distribution code review - issues paper

05 Apr 2022

The Commission is initiating the Electricity Distribution Code (Code) review with an Issues Paper. The Issues Paper seeks input on areas that are likely to result in changes to the Code. These areas are: 

  • Application of the Code. The Code may be amended to apply only to SA Power Networks, to clarify that the Code operates alongside the national framework, as it already does in practice.
  • Distributed energy resources (DER). Duplication or inconsistency between existing Code provisions for the connection of embedded generation units and national and State instruments will be addressed. The Commission’s analysis has shown that other risks to consumers arising from DER in the distribution network are dealt with elsewhere in the State and national frameworks. 
  • Minimum network reliability standards. The review will focus on considering customer’s expectations for reliability in Adelaide’s CBD, and how standards will apply to Stand-Alone Power Systems. 
  • Obligations for the timely repair of street lights. The review will consider whether there continues to be a role for the Code to set street light repair obligations, which include an obligation for SA Power Networks to make a Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) payment for delayed repairs. 

The Commission welcomes feedback, discussions and meetings with stakeholders on the questions identified in the Issues Paper, and any other elements of the current regulatory framework, by Friday 3 June 2022.


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