District Council of Coober Pedy – Compliance review

05 Feb 2021

The District Council of Coober Pedy (DCCP) has an electricity and a water licence issued by the Commission, authorising it to provide electricity and water services to more than 1,600 customers in Coober Pedy. 

The Commission has undertaken a review to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the DCCP’s compliance systems, processes, controls and documentation. 

Although the DCCP has made significant progress in improving its compliance systems, processes, controls and documentation, there are still issues that require attention. These include, staff training, staff contingency plans, debt management and hardship policies.  

The key findings are:

The DCCP does not have in place an approved Debt Recovery Policy that documents current practices.
The DCCP’s communication material and customer engagement requires improvement.
The DCCP must take steps to avoid the escalation of customer debts.
The DCCP’s staff training and contingency plans for staff turnover require improvement.
The DCCP’s annual compliance reporting and performance reporting is not being correctly completed.

The full report can be accessed below. 

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