Regulatory performance reports

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The Essential Services Commission’s reports on regulatory performance outcomes for water and sewerage service retailers’ licensee under the Water Industry Act 2012.  That Act applies to all water and sewerage retailing operations, with three retail licence classes:

  • Major: more than 50,000 customers (currently only SA Water)
  • Intermediate: between 500 and 50,000 customers
  • Minor: fewer than 500 customers

Collectively, the retailers licensed under the Act provide drinking water services to approximately 777,000 properties (servicing 1.6 million people) and sewerage services to approximately 700,000 properties (1.46 million people) in South Australia. SA Water is the largest retailer, servicing over 99 per cent of total drinking water connections and 87 per cent of total sewerage connections. The other licences are held by councils and private businesses.

Further information on the South Australian water and sewerage industry can be accessed below.

 SA Water

The regulatory performance report for SA Water focuses on customer service and operational performance against service standards, and reviews outcomes under the regulatory determination, for both drinking water and sewerage services.

Other matters, such as pricing, finance, assets and water resources are separately reported on in a related document, the National Performance Report: urban water utilities . That report, prepared by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology on behalf of State and Territory Governments and economic regulatory agencies, should be read along with this report to provide a complete picture of SA Water’s performance.

In addition, SA Water publishes information on a quarterly basis on its customer service and operational performance against service standard targets.

Minor and intermediate retailers

The minor and intermediate retailer regulatory performance report provides information on the operation of water industry licensees with 50,000 or fewer connections. It informs customers about the quality and reliability of the services they receive at an aggregate level. The focus of the report is on residential customers. Over time, the Commission will expand reporting to include information on non-residential customers.

Historical performance reports

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