Warning notices and assurances

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The Essential Services Commission Act 2012 and Electricity Act 1996 provide that the Commission may issue formal written warning notices to a regulated entity where it appears to the Commission that the regulated entity has been guilty of a contravention of the Electricity Act 1996.

The Commission will use this measure where, in the Commission’s view, the alleged contravention is of a more serious nature or where previous enforcement actions have not lead to compliance.

In such cases a written warning notice will be sent to the regulated entity warning that the regulated entity is to:

  • take the action specified in the warning notice to rectify the contravention within a specified period (if the contravention is capable of being rectified); and
  • give the Commission an assurance, in the terms specified in the warning notice and within the period specified in the warning notice, that the regulated entity will avoid in future such contravention.

This is a register of all warning notices issued and assurances given under the Electricity Act 1996.

Register of warning notices

icon-rees EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd - October 2019 -  REES compliance action

icon-rees Momentum Energy - October 2015 - REES compliance action

icon-electricity Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products Australia Pty Limited - April 2005