Consumer protection

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Services provided by Councils or other waterretailers

Some South Australians receive water and/or sewerage services from theirlocal Council or a private operator other than SA Water.  Here is a complete list of all water retailers licensed by the Commission.

These water retailers provide smaller-scale water and/or sewerage servicesthan SA Water, including:

  • drinking water for local communities;
  • sewerage services though Council operated Community Wastewater Management Schemes;
  • small recycled or reuse water schemes.

Our Water Retail Code – minor and intermediate retailers contains many of thesame consumer protections afforded to SA Water’s customers:

Customer sale contracts

Retailers must obtain the Commission’s approval of a standard form contactfor water and/or sewerage retail services.

Customer information obligations

Retailers must have a Customer Charter that informs customers of their basicrights and responsibilities; Enquiry, Complaint and Dispute ResolutionProcedures (including escalation of complaints to an independent disputeresolution body); publicly provide pricing information and assist customersexperiencing financial hardship in line with the Minister’sresidential customer hardship policy.

Retailer supply obligations

Retailers must have policies and procedures for dealing with customerconnections; minimising interruptions, dealing with bursts, leaks, blockages andspills; emergency reporting for customers and estimation procedures where aretailer seeks to recover monies owed for illegal use of water retailservices.

Customer service obligations

Retailers must meet minimum customer billing requirements (including offeringcustomers minimum payment methods and flexible payment arrangements) and mustaddress billing disputes (including undercharging and overcharging) in a fairand reasonable way.

Restrictions, disconnections and restoration ofsupply

To protect broader public health concerns, retailers are prohibited fromdisconnecting a customers’ sewerage services as a result of non-payment of billsby a customer.  Retailers are able to restrict the flow of water services (to aprescribed minimum flow rate) rather than disconnecting a customer fornon-payment of bills, but must have first given a customer all reasonableopportunities to enter into more flexible payment arrangements first.  Where acustomer has had their water flow restricted, retailers are required to meetminimum timeframes to reinstate a customers’ water supply once the cause of therestriction has been rectified.

If you receive water or sewerage services from your local Council or aprivate operator other than SA Water, you should contact them in the firstinstance to discuss your issue.