Electricity reselling

Exempt sellers are persons, businesses or other entities that buy electricity from an energy retailer and then resell (or onsell) that electricity to another person or business.  Exempt sellers may include people or businesses:

  • that sell energy incidentally (e.g. where a shopping centre owner rents a shopfront to tenants and also sells them essential services such as energy;
  • selling energy at no profit or as a community service; or
  • who sell at one site or to a defined group of customers, and who have no intention of expanding the energy selling component of their business.

Onselling often occurs in privately owned embedded networks, such as caravan parks, shopping centres, retirement villages, office buildings and apartment buildings.

Generally, onsellers require a retail exemption from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

For information on electricity onselling, please visit the Australian Energy Regulator or contact the ACCC’s Info Centre on 1300 302 502.

South Australian Small Business Commissioner’s inquiry into inset (or embedded) electricity networks

The Small Business Commissioner and the Deputy Small Business Commissioner is currently undertaking an Inquiry into Inset Electricity Networks that operate in Shopping Centres, Office or Commercial buildings and Industrial Parks.

For information on this Inquiry, including how to make submissions: