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The Essential Services Commission of SA is the independent economic regulator of essential services in South Australia with the primary objective of protection of the long-term interests of consumers.

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icn-electricityReview of the Retailer Feed-in Tariff - Final Decision

updated 3/1/14

Households and small businesses with solar photovoltaic units (PV customers) in South Australia can earn feed-in tariffs for the electricity they export to the distribution network through their solar photovoltaic generators (PV units).

Feed in Scheme ImageAll residential and small business PV customers can receive a retailer-paid feed-in tariff (R-FiT) from their electricity retailer. Some customers also receive a distributor-paid feed-in tariff (D-FiT) of either 16 or 44 cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh) from SA Power Networks.

From 1 January 2014, residential and small business PV customers are entitled to receive a minimum R-FiT amount of 7.6 c/kWh from their electricity retailer for electricity fed into SA Power Networks’ distribution network. Electricity retailers may voluntarily pass on a higher R-FiT amount as part of their unregulated market offers.

Further information is available in the Retailer Feed-in Tariff Fact Sheet.

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icn-electrogasThe Commission clarifies what has happened to retail energy prices since 1 July 2012

released 13/9/13

The Essential Services Commission of South Australia has issued a revised media release today to clarify what has happened to retail energy prices since 1 July 2012.

The revised media release distinguishes between the terms "Lowest Open Market Offer" and "Simple Average of Retailers' Lowest Open Market Offers" and provides estimated annual residential electricity bills for each.